Energy Control

We use proprietary software to predict the energy use of a building or premises. We then commission various energy saving options to reduce utility energy usage if requested.These services ensure that you get clear actionable data on your electric energy consumption. The data helps us generate and use great energy saving solutions to help make your electrical system more efficient. This cuts your consumption and hence, saves you money.Our services include:

  • Design and supply of power management systems
  • Power quality analyzer and Smart metering solutions
  • Sub metering to individually monitor the energy usage of equipment such as lighting fixtures, pumps, heaters etc.
  • Monitoring the energy usage of individual tenants in a facility to improve on energy efficiency.
  • Building Automation services which combine lighting, occupancy management to make your facility more efficient, productive and safer.
  • Surge suppression solutions for industrial and commercial use to protect your equipment from power spikes and hence, prevent downtime.