What is a Lighting Retrofit and Why Do You Need One?

A common question for businesses, institutions and individuals who want to cut the costs of their energy bill is how to replace their current lighting to more efficient Led lighting. There are many ways to upgrade lighting.

  • Get all new light fixtures of the latest efficiency
  • Do a lighting retrofit.

Buying new light fixtures for your property is understandable but what is the option of getting a lighting retrofit? A lighting retrofit means that you take your existing light fixtures and instead, refit them with more efficient LED lighting. It can be more cost effective compared to getting new light fixtures. Thus, a lighting retrofit can be anything from screwing in an LED light bulb to a complete rewiring and new hardware for the light fixture. It is especially easy to upgrade from your ‘energy saving’ fluorescent lights to LED lights because many of the LED lighting kits make it easy to perform an upgrade. LED lighting retrofits save you energy and money and without the need for extensive rewiring, the retrofitting payback period is faster than buying new light fixtures.

Why You Need an LED Retrofit

An LED lighting retrofit is most suitable of you have fairly new fixtures but inefficient older lighting such as fluorescent lighting. We can almost guarantee that there are LED lighting retrofit kits and lamps to fit any light fixture that houses inefficient lighting. Another benefit of doing an LED lighting retrofit is that you won’t have to rip apart your property for new lighting fixtures installations to get efficient lighting. It helps you reap the benefits of the superior energy efficient LED lighting while keeping the costs of upgrading to this kind of lighting, as low as possible.

While in some cases deciding to do an LED retrofitting can be as easy as changing the lights yourself, in most cases, partnering with a trusted lighting partner to execute the LED retrofitting for you will make sure you achieve your energy savings faster. Remember, a long waiting time before embarking on the lighting retrofit process will cost you precious energy savings. The sooner you start your LED lighting retrofit project, the more cost-efficient it will be in the long run.

Benefits of LED Retrofits

Carrying out an LED retrofit; here are the main ones:

  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Reduction in the recurring costs associated with maintenance and labor
  • Improved lighting quality

There are many considerations to make when considering a lighting retrofit. For example, the amount of light needed is determined by the use; whether general lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, domestic lighting, industrial lighting, cove lighting, spot lighting or lighting for specific applications such as manufacturing plants, hazardous areas etc. Colour temperature is also taken into consideration. For most commercial applications, the light used is bright white such as 5000K but for home lighting, most people prefer warmer colour light such as 2700K- 4000K and recessed lighting.

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